love letters

by Chantal

love letters - photo by chantal powell

love letters - photo by chantal powell

I am most definitely an ebay scourer. I wish I could spend my time browsing eclectic flea markets and dusty junk shops but as that is not really an option at the moment I have to content myself with the cyber odd-bin that is ebay.

One of the most emotional things I bought from there recently was a collection of love letters sent between a couple called Ron and Peggy in 1934. They lived apart and even though they visited each weekend, they wrote a letter to each other every single day! When I opened the first letter, three pressed poppy petals floated down from the pages and by the time I had got to “goodbye my Darling, with all my love and oceans of waves, with a kiss on each wave” I was in tears! My favourite letter is one from Peggy to Ron where she talks about everyday things like her parents and a flower show she attended but included with this letter is a scrap of paper in which she has scribbled down her intimate feelings. It’s as if she had a moment where her emotions spilled over and she just had to share her intimate dreams and desires with him. Here is an excerpt from her scribbled addition:

“My Darling Ron, I only want you to know I love you more than anyone or anything in the world. Every time I see you a thrill goes through me . . . I have been thinking of our future happiness, just you and I in a little bungalow or house in the country. In the morning I would get up and cook you breakfast and see you off to business. We would go out in the evenings or stay in, just as you please. Then the night we could go to bed any time we liked and could cuddle up together and have a lovely night and wake up together for the next day.”

The innocent, heartfelt romance in these letters is wonderful and to be allowed a window into their intimate correspondance feels a privilege. Their romance has been lived and I like to think they had many wonderful years together in the house that Peggy dreamed about. The magic of these letters is in reading them we are instantly transported back to that time of passion and tenderness and I feel their love becomes tangible in the air again.