After the Show

by Chantal

the venue

the venue

What a totally fab day! 

It felt, without wanting to sound like I’m giving an Oscar Speech, such a privilege to be part of the group exhibiting there. Lovely, lovely people – I had only met a couple of them before – with some fantastic work!

I loved the old house that the exhibition was shown in – such an atmospheric venue to use. The house was the epitome of decaying grandeur! Beautiful stained glass windows – some intact some broken and taped up, light struggling to break through their jewelled panels from behind the ivy that is creeping over the outside. Each of the artists showing were allocated a room or space like the entrance hall or landing to display their work and for two days the house was filled with art and life as people came to look, talk, eat, laugh, and dance! Wonderful!

Dean & Beccie in Dean's room

Dean & Beccie in Deans room

My favourite room was the one used by my friend Dean. It had an old fireplace, tattered curtains framing the big old window, and great dated floral wallpaper that was peeling away from the walls. It was a brilliant backdrop to his work which looked stunning! Having been following his journey recently it was wonderful to see the reception his art got, hear his room buzzing with people talking about his work and see him coming away having sold four pieces! Go Dean!       "The Ambassador and my Wife" - by Dean Melbourne

I didn’t sell any of my pictures but was delighted to trade one of them for a gorgeous picture I had fallen in love with done by the very lovely artist Beccie Mayers!

I have come away with so many good feelings and memories from a great experience with some great people. Here’s hoping there’s more to come!