Is Heaven Then So Sad?

by Chantal

This is the latest box I have done and it’s a bit of an emotional one because it is based around a funeral card of a child who died in 1882 when just two years old. Having a three year old boy of my own it is certainly a piece that looks at my greatest fear rather than the previous boxes which have been more based on my romantic sensibilities.

The box itself is quite a large Georgian mahogany jewellery box C1820. The child’s funeral card is so emotive that I wanted to keep the rest of the box relatively simple. However the dried orchid flowers inside have a personal related meaning for me as they are from a plant that was given to me when I was pregnant with my little boy. The orchid was given to me when I had just come out of hospital having been told that I had miscarried my baby. The next day it was discovered to be a mistake and my son was very much alive. The orchid plant flowers profusely ever year and I see it as symbolic of his life. This year I collected the flowers and kept them for this John William box. There are also pink rose petals pressed with the photo (between a clear layer of glass and the bottom mirrored layer) which are from a rose tree given to us when my daughter, Isabelle Rose, was born.

I used mirrored glass within the box to create light and to suggest endlessness, whether that be the endlessness of eternity beyond this life or the endlessness of a mother’s sorrow.

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