Without Censorship

by Chantal

A few days ago I posted a quote from Picasso about how all children are artists and the problem being how we can remain so. Bobby commented that we need to keep looking at the world through a child’s eyes so that everything remains fascinating to us. I think that is most certainly true but as I was watching my son Oliver drawing this morning it occurred to me that it is also about the freedom from rules and judgement they have in their creativity, and the confidence and joy that results in.

Oliver's machine

Oliver's machine

When Oliver had finished his picture he was so proud of what he had done – so excited about his creativity and desperate to share it. He insisted it go straight on his bedroom wall and then proceeded to enthusiastically describe to me what he had done,

“It’s a machine and its got a heart inside. It’s really delicate – look! I’ve done lots of lines, and circles, and squiggles. And look there’s a hill!”

It was a joy to see how pleased and happy he was in the knowledge that what he had made was good and right purely because it was something he had created. There are no preconceptions or fears of being “wrong”. It’s an inspiration really. How wonderful if we could all recapture that freedom and confidence in our creativity.