Trying Something New

by Chantal

Fancied a bit of fun trying something different Sunday afternoon and so bought a very cheap set of oil paints and had a go. Was great fun trying something new and I think I’ll definitely give it a go again. In the interest of letting it all hang out I thought I would be very forthcoming and share my first attempt in all its true beginners glory!

I guess what I really want to share though is that part of the joy in creativity is in playing around with new things. Its easy to stick with what we believe we are good at and label ourselves in that way – “I’m a photographer, I don’t paint” etc. These are just the tools we use rather than what our creative identity is. My friend who expresses his creativity through painting told me he is planning on having a go at some sculpting, and I found it really refreshing to pick up a paint brush today. Doing something new is stimulating in itself, great for stretching ourselves and gives our creativity a kind of opportunity to catch us unawares by coming at things from a different angle. Because we appreciate its pretty much impossible to be technically good at something first time round, it enables us to relax and not have expectations or make negative judgements about what we are doing. Whats left is the fun and joy of creating that a child experiences.  I recommend it – give it a go!