Time – Moments Lost Like Tears In Rain

by Chantal

Have a look at this video. It’s an ongoing photography time-lapse project by Noah Kalina, who takes a photograph of himself everyday. He started when 19 and he is now 27, project is ongoing and is planned to be continued until he dies. The video is part one- January 11th 2000 – July 31st 2006.


The background changes over time, a record of where he was, not just what he looked like. Clothing, dressed up, dressed down gives a fleeting context but never enough information to give any real knowledge about the meaning of this individual’s life. I think its that aspect that I find so profound about the video. In six minutes I have watched a man travel through six years of his life and yet know nothing about him. How have those years impacted him, what has he done, felt, experienced? What event was he attending when he wore the black tie outfit I glimpsed in one shot?

It speaks to me about the painfully fleeting nature of our lives and highlights the issue of loneliness and the importance of disclosure and honest intimacy in relationships because if our memories and moments are not shared, passed on in some way, they are painfully temporary. I always found the line from Bladerunner tragically poignant when the replicant Roy is about to die, he says all the amazing things he has seen will now be gone,  “all these moments will be lost in time like tears in rain”