That Is Our Secret, Now Go To Sleep

by Chantal

That Is Our Secret, Now Go To Sleep (2008)

That Is Our Secret, Now Go To Sleep (2008)

Latest box. Really pleased with this one. I like the narrative behind it as well as how it looks visually.

Its made from a small printers tray, and uses some sections from one of the 1930’s love letters from Peggy to Ron that I photographed and wrote about on the blog a while back. The story then is Peggy’s imaginary story, although it certainly has echoes of my own sensibilities and fears which is hinted at in the use of sections of shadowed self portraits in certain windows.

Detail of poem, letter, and found objects.

Detail of poem, letter, and found objects.

The other dominant use of text is a beautifully sad verse about death which has been taken from an old Robert Browning book of poetry (the book itself dated  1927);

“So, hush, – I will give you this leaf to keep:

See, I shut it inside the sweet cold hand!

There, that is our secret: go to sleep!

You will wake, and remember, and understand.”

Robert Browning 1812-1889


Detail of old sheet music, text, and photo.

The narrative behind the text and object fragments is then both romantically joyful and sorrowful. Ranging from the lightness of the mirrored and coloured glass to the darker and more obscured windows. Some left entirely empty, representing the lost moments that were planned but never realised together.

The whole piece is behind glass giving it the feel of an artifact in a museum and the associations that brings of attempting to stop time and preserve memories.