Experimenting with Transferring Text and Images

by Chantal

Been thinking about the use of text in installations so thought I’d have a play around today with different methods of transferring text to see what variations could be achieved.


original printout

This is the original text that I printed out. The font used is a old typewriter style that I found online. I had been thinking of buying an old typewriter from ebay to get this effect which would be more authentic so i may still do that one day.

Below the text is transferred onto board using emulsion. I quite like this, especially having the textured background of the paint. This may be useful for transferring text onto old wooden objects but i think I’d want to do something to make the paint look more aged first.

transfered with emulsion

transferred with emulsion

pencil and rubber, then edited in photoshop

pencil and rubber, then edited in photoshop

Next I tried getting the outline of the text using carbon paper and then drawing on top in pencil, rubbed part away at the end. I liked the idea of this more than the outcome. But when I played about with the contrast of the photo in photo-shop I did like the effect of the dissapearing text.


Finally transferring text onto marbled paper using cellulose thinner. I included a photographic image of myself as well this time. Again I prefer the more dramatic effect after altering the contrasts in photo-shop but then you are back to having a printed out image, all be it an altered one, which I think I was trying to move away from lol.

transfered with cellulose thinner then contast enhanced in photoshop

transferred with cellulose thinner then contrast enhanced in photoshop

thinner transfer

thinner transfer

The self portraits transferred well using the thinners. I quite like both effects – the first a gentle almost ghost like image using a soft tool to transfer, and the second like a scribbled sketch by using a sharper tool. Anyway fun to have a day of experimenting!

thinner transfer

thinner transfer