Going for it!

by Chantal

Last week I submitted an application to Axis Art – if you haven’t seen their website you must check it out, it’s a fantastic place to view current contemporary art. Putting together a statement describing the themes and influences on my work was a really valuable exercise.  Its helped to solidify ideas about what is important to me and identify the role of narratives/storytelling in what I produce.
Bargate Monument Gallery

Bargate Monument Gallery

The second thing I have been working on is a joint exhibition proposal with Dean Melbourne. We have applied to exhibit at The Bargate Monument Gallery – a great space in Southampton city centre. When making a telephone enquiry about the application process on Friday we were told they had nearly completed the allocation process for the six 2009 exhibition slots. The final decisions will be reached this Tuesday so we had a tight 24 hour deadline to get a proposal together! We did, its good, and it was delivered  to them yesterday so we shall see! 

Our proposal is for a show entitled “7Stories” and will provide the viewer with opportunity to engage with narratives suggested through the interaction of assemblage, painting, and installation. It will be an exciting way to combine my work that has feelings of romance and nostalgia with Dean’s paintings/drawings that explore drama and intensity.  

In putting together these two applications I have surprised myself at just much all this means to me and how badly I want these opportunities. I will find out about both within the next two weeks and their is certainly the potential for a lot of disappointment as well as for a lot of joy. I’ll keep you posted!