Exhibition Night

by Chantal

Last night was the private view of the Little Women exhibition. This year the show was unthemed, instead there was a size restriction on the works. I thought the show really benefited from being unthemed and enjoyed the breadth of expression and variety of subject matter in the pieces shown.

dsc_0025It was fab to see my boxes in amongst it all and to see and hear people enjoying them. The works that most inspired me were the mixed media pieces by Lorraine Clarke (check out her website or Saatchi page – some great work) looking at the value of the human body and life , and  a series of three small resin blocks by Konservierte Augenblicke. The resin blocks each contained a passport photograph of the artist at various stages of her life, expressing the frozen moments of time passing and changing. It has been at the back of my mind for a while to experiment with casting in resin as it seems an interesting continuation from the layered glass technique I have been using in boxes. Having seen Konservierte Augenblicke’s work last night I am really keen to pursue those ideas.