Back from Brittany

by Chantal

What a great holiday! I’m going to let you into the secret of Lyn & Doug’s idyllic piece of French paradise – La Vieille Tinguaie. Lovely hosts and a stunning location – I strongly recommend.

Dean and I got to do some chatting about the Ebony Tower project and I spent some time re-reading and mulling over sections of the story. Using Dean and his lovely wife Rachel as models we took some nighttime photos to start thinking about the light and dark contrasts and sense of secrecy to be used in Dean’s paintings.




The pictures above remind me a little of Gerhard Richter’s i.g. which I blogged previously. Not to add any pressure Dean, but if you could knock out one of those that would be great . . .

I also experimented with taking some obscured self portraits as reflections in the stream. These were to help me start exploring the idea of illusions and suggestions of the unobtainable that I want to incorporate into my pieces for this project.