As promised . . .

by Chantal

. . . finished picture of the peacock feathers on the bed!

untitled, 2009. Chantal Powell

untitled, 2009. Chantal Powell

Thanks to Jim who, for the cheap price of a few chocolate mini muffins, came round and helped transform my lounge into a photo studio for the evening and took some fab shots of this piece and another one I’ll be posting soon.

bed- small3

there were big lights and everything! although I was a bit dissapointed we didn't get the special umbrellas out.

The following excerpt from The Ebony Tower was influential in the emotion I hope to reference with the piece,

“the undeclared knowledge of a shared imagination hung in the air; in her half-hidden figure against the light on the floor behind, in the silence, the bed in the corner, the thousand ghosts of old rooms. One was stunned, perhaps; that knowledge could come so quickly . . .as if it was the place, not oneself”

bed-small2I feel really pleased with this piece but I don’t know if the size of it will mean that it will be very difficult to get it exhibited somewhere. I guess its a big investment in terms of space. I’m going to submit it to aspex’s  biennial open submission exhibition – Emergency 4. It feels like a long shot because they only select a maximum of 12 artists but I would absolutely love to show there (the gallery space – a formal naval storehouse – is fantastic and would be a prefect backdrop for the bed) so fingers crossed!