Upcoming Exhibitions – France and Nottingham

by Chantal


Ruinous Blue, 2009. Cast resin, photograph, oils, dried cornflowers, vintage lace.

A.I.R. (artists in residence) Vallauris is a non-profit organisation that encourages international artists to collaborate with local one in Vallauris, France, by way of a residential program. One of my pieces, Ruinous Blue, will be part of their second bi-annual benefit which occurs in conjunction with the Fete Picasso (in honour of the fact that Picasso lived and worked in Vallauris from 1946 until his death). The benefit consists of an exhibition, competition and an auction.

The exhibition opens in Vallauris (and online) on 18th July at 6pm and closes on August 15th. It features 166 small art objects from 25 different countries. As part of the exhibition all the pieces will be sold by way of silent auction with the proceeds going to A.I.R. Vallauris benefit.


Beneath The Veils, 2009. Cast resin, roses.

Beneath The Veils, 2009. Cast resin, roses.

I also heard today that another resin piece, Beneath The Veils,  has been accepted into the Surface Gallery Open Show 2009 in Nottingham. Surface Gallerywill be celebrating its 10th anniversary this October and this year’s show will is hosted for the first time in Surface Gallery’s new space on Southwell Road. Work ranges from sculpture, drawing and painting, to film, installation and new media. A particularly nice bonus is that my friend Dean also had a piece accepted, This Liquid Skin (part of his gloss on aluminium range available to buy from the Liquid Gloss website). Its the first time we both submitted to the same open and we both got accepted – a good high five moment! The exhibition runs from the 24th of July – 7th August.