beautiful things

by Chantal

When I went back home to visit  my parents this weekend I indulged in one of my favourite pastimes of rooting through my old things that my mom has kept hold of. Piles of school exercise books covered with my repeated practiced signature and boys names doodled in hearts, crossed out and replaced with new ones . . .  Anyway, while smiling over my teenage memorabilia I also came across some things of my grandads. When he was alive he worked as a draftsman and I found an old shoe box with his beautiful tools in. I asked my dad if I could have them and he was delighted that they might be used again so they are in my studio ready to be held again. The thought makes me very happy!


While home I also paid a visit to my favourite shop in the world (no exaggeration – I really believe it is!). A tiny place crammed full of a complete mixture of vintage treasures. I spent nearly an hour and a half trying to find my way through what they had and not tread on the Labrador which takes up pretty much the whole available floor area in there. Came away with a nice haul including a Victorian girls cape (for £5!), parasol, 1920s handbag and perfume bottle, various gorgeous nic naks, and every string of vintage pearls she had (I’d been looking for some of these to work with for a while!).