Annabel De Vetten

by Chantal

jillMy Jill Deck arrived a couple of days ago. Cool and sexy art deck designed by a friend of mine, Annabel De Vetten where “the Jacks are Jills”. The cards feature Annabel’s own artwork of her “Beautiful Strangers”.  An absolute bargain at £10 and available online – I strongly recommend you go and purchase right this minute before you forget!

Annabel’s highly popular artwork features iconic figures from the world of music, sport and cinema. Her latest collection of portraits feature vintage magicians, my favourite being “Mandrake” – very cool! Check out her website to view her work and to get information on purchasing paintings and limited edition prints –

vote this card!

vote this card!

One more thing – Annabel is currently in a competition run by Shelter to design and 8 of clubs playing card. The winning entry will become part of an all star deck that will include cards designed by Vivienne Westwood, Damien Hirst, and Alexander McQueen. The girl both needs and deserves to be there! So what you need to do is go to this link and vote for this card many times! Consider it your Jim’ll Fix It good deed of the day. Well actually for the week as the competition is open till Friday so just keep going till then please.