by Chantal

Just noticed I’ve been a bit slack with the blogging the past few weeks so thought I’d do a quick update!

The Bristol Windows 204 installation is now down but it had a lot of good  feedback from the public and The Big Issue were interested in doing a feature on it. Annoyingly the email request got delayed via an incorrect Bristol address so I didn’t get it in time to supply images for the issue deadline. They asked to be kept in touch with future work though so thats good.

Work on the Ebony Tower project with Dean is still ongoing and still exciting to us both. I think alongside producing work for it we will start working on a funding application to the arts council to help with exhibiting of the finished work and development of some of the pieces.

selecting images for current piece

selecting images for current piece

The piece I’m working on at the moment is not actually related to the Ebony Tower, it looks at the concept of our significance/insignificance as anonymous individuals within the framework time. I’m pushing to get it finished in the next week as I really would like it to be one of the three pieces that I submit to the Artsway open exhibition. The other two pieces I am planning to submit are the peacock bed piece and the lace covered window. They are the pieces that I submitted to Emergency 4 but unfortunately I didn’t get selected. Disapointing because I would have loved to be part of that show but the standard of the 10 people who were selected from the hundreds of applications was very high!

blog 006The other show that is coming up that I am planning to submit to is ReOpen– Poole’s second open art exhibition. As the theme involves “. . recreating in a new form and new style, giving well known materials, objects, forms, ideas, concepts and behaviours a completely new life and appearance. . .” I thought it would fit in well with my work.

Oh and I went to Bruges for the weekend and it was gorgeous!!  🙂