Angry, disappointed, and ill!

by Chantal

Matt Forster

Matt Forster

Found out just yesterday that The Artworks Gallery in Newcastle, which was exhibiting work by myself and my friends Anna, Dean, & Sharon, has been closed down and all artworks have been seized by bailiffs and taken to an auction house! Matt Forster who ran the gallery, and used it to exhibit his own work, failed to pay the rent to the council and they finally sent in Bailiffs to seize assets, including exhibiting artists work, to be auctioned next week to cover Mr Forsters debts. Some artists were informed about this situation but my friends and I weren’t so just found out about this by chance. Apparently Matt Forsters work was rescued before the bailiffs came in and he has set up a new limited company “MJ Forster Gallery Limited”, just 10 days before locking the doors on the artworks premises.

link to article about Mr Forster and the gallery

Other bad news this week – just found out today that I didn’t get accepted into Artsway Open. On the back of failing to get into Emergency 09 at Aspex I’m really gutted. I know logically that both had over 600 submissions and only a few places to give out but as I submitted my best work to both its hard not to be demoralised. It can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster this art world thing.

Finally, I had booked in and been really looking forward to a trip to London this weekend to check out Zoo art fair but the weeks of illnesses seem to be rolling on in our house and looks like I’ll still be too unwell to go.

I’m eating marshmallows and chocolate orange to ease the pain of it all.