A Great Few Days

by Chantal

vered lahav

Work by Vered Lahav from "Sleepless" exhibition

Had a great time in the Midlands since Wednesday. Vered Lahav’s show at Wolverhampton Art Gallery was beautiful, very inspiring!  I was surprised by the piece that I found the most moving – a video triptych. She had captured moments of beauty in the ordinary, things that we can choose to see and savour in our life but that could just as easily pass us by. Subtle, poignant, and magical. Also very inspiring was the wonderful catalogue collaboration that had been produced for her exhibition. Written as a fairytale it was every bit as exquisite as the works themselves.

Vered’s show is showing at the same time as Jann Haworth’s retrospective at the gallery so it was a shared private view. I enjoyed seeing Jann’s work and hearing something of the background to some of her pieces like the wonderfully huge textile charm bracelets. Her work had some similarities in feeling to Kirsty E. Smith’s who  I visited the next day. It was great to finally see Kirsty’s work in the flesh and particularly loved her pieces Bettina (recently sold to an overseas art collector!) and the fabulous Tall Legs.


Pigeons Dubrovnik, 2009

The other good news was that I was contacted by the gallery in Poole to say that one of the three pieces that I took up on Monday had made it through the second judging round and will be shown in the Reopen exhibition which opens on Saturday. The piece chosen was Pigeons Dubrovnik – which I made for my friend Deans birthday and blogged about fairly recently.   Reopen is Poole’s second open art exhibition, “a celebration of the act of reusing, reassembling, and rethinking”. The exhibition will be held at Poole’s flagship venues, Lighthouse, Pooles Centre for the Arts, and KUBE(formerly The Study Gallery of Modern Art) and runs from Saturday 7th of November till 19th December.