Wildgoose Memorial Library

by Chantal

If ever there was a place that was a work of art in itself it has to be the cabinet of curiosities that is the Wildgoose Memorial Library. The library is an ongoing accumulation of materials that inform Jane Wildgoose’s work as an artist and writer. The WML is arranged in a domestic setting with a combination of found and made objects alongside books, all of which can be “read”. Jane says the objects are designed to “facilitate meditation and free association on subjects pertaining to the mysteries of the living in relation to the dead, transience, memory, and immortality”. The library is arranged into 10 sections that include, “The Vitality of Death” and “The Miss Havisham Archive”

To see  a virtual tour of the library click here. To see the library in person contact Jane via the website www.janewildgoose.co.uk

One of Jane Wildgoose’s projects that focus on her thoughts on “Spirit of Place” is The Curious Case, an exploration and reflection on a small suitcase full of objects that used to belong to a patient at All Saints Hospital.

You can read her thoughts here and view The Curious Case here.