the illusion of an original idea!

by Chantal

Well first let me wish every one a happy new year! Its been busy family time for me over Christmas and I’m feeling inspired and excited to get back to work. Well I was until about 10 minutes ago – thats when I came across someones work who I hadn’t seen before (thats what comes of still desperately playing art knowledge catch up!) which includes work with sewn together peacock feathers very much like the piece I was feeling all proud to exhibit next week in Bristol.

New York artist Carol Bove  “uses objects, artifacts and images from the past to create elegant, enigmatic works that often take the form of sculptural assemblages. . . Bove is continually fascinated by the way the forms and ideas of art and culture can re-surface in different places and at different times. . .Bove can be seen as a kind of cultural archaeologist, rescuing objects and ideas and examining their survival in the contemporary world. If objects are imprinted with the particularities of the environment in which they were produced, how do they operate in our time? Can they only appear to us now as remnants, recollections or souvenirs? Are they reappearing now or did they never go away?

So should I be pleased that I am of similar mindset as a successful artist who has exhibited at the likes of the Maccarone Gallery New York,the Kunstverein Hamburg, MoMa, and the Tate Modern, or just gutted that my soon to be exhibited work isn’t as original as I thought?

Detail from Untitled, 2009 - Chantal Powell

detail of Carol Bove's installation at New York's Maccarone, 2007