A Cause For Celebration!

by Chantal

Back in October I submitted a proposal for a solo show at Westbourne Grove Church Artspace and yesterday was absolutely delighted to hear that the selection committee had really liked my work and were happy to offer me a show this summer! This will be the first solo show of my work and I must confess feels like a bit of a “Jim’ll Fix It” moment! Westbourne Grove Church Artspace is a contemporary exhibition space in the heart of Notting Hill, London. The first time I heard of the space was when Kirsty E. Smith exhibited her show Close Encounters of a Frillip Moolog Kind, I really liked the space and thought it would be suited to my work. There are two tower rooms that have street level windows and a central lobby space. Here are some pictures of the space being used by other artists:

lobby space and tower room

The show is planned to run from 7th July to 10th August and is provisionally entitled Traces and Testament. I have the majority of the work I want to show, with a couple more pieces I’d like to finish and include before the date which shouldn’t be a problem. What I am a little more daunted by (and completely lacking in experience in!) is how to curate, and effectively publicise the show. How to know which pieces to select and how best to display them together so the show is more than just the sum of its parts? How to write effective catalogue descriptions, press release, and then get people to actually come?! Well I guess the learning has to start somewhere and hopefully I’ll be able to pick up advice along the way from more experienced individuals.