The Bristol Gallery and View Gallery

by Chantal

This Sunday visited The Bristol Gallery with Rob, Dean and Bruce where they are showing some of my pieces. It sounds like there has been some really positive feedback, especially with the bed so that was great to hear. Here are a few pics:

The Briar Patch by John Simpson

After a good look round and debrief over lunch Dean and I went in search of View Gallery whose website I had been looking at last week and getting quite excited over some of the works they are showing in their upcoming show. As it happens it is the same gallery that a friend of Deans has shown some of her work in previously and recommended he check out in relation to his work. Following a bit of a cold trek down the harbourside we found the gallery which was in the process of changing over for the next show. Despite being officially closed for installation Nick and Sarah welcomed us in and gave us a look round the space and some of the works they had in there at the moment. We were both really excited by the space itself and the kind, and quality of works they were showing there. With three seperate spaces, including a video room it was hard to resist the temptation of imagining our Ebony Tower project there as its the the kind of space Dean and I have talked about looking for!

The show that they are installing is called “comfortably strange” and as I said has some great work in with artists including Beth Carter and John Simpson. If you have the chance to go and check it out I’d recommend it!