Made To Fit

by Chantal


Made To Fit , the 14th womens work exhibition,  will be showing at The Willis Museum in Basingstoke from 20th March- 17th April. A couple of my small pieces are in the show – The black magic box with resin lady inside (the one that had to be retrieved from the Bailiffs and repaired  after it was last shown in a gallery in Newcastle that went bust!) and a small 2D collage. Whats exciting though is that friend Helena Ray (known to most as Bruce and with her imminent wedding soon to be Helena Pound) has also had a piece of work accepted to the exhibition and this will be the first time she has shown her work publicly. She currently works with a digital screen print process on paper that she makes by hand. The finished pieces are tactile, contained, and are as much objects as they are images. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of her piece to show you and she doesn’t have a website or blog yet with any images on but maybe that will change at some point in the future . . . . what do you think Bru? 🙂