Anybody’s Girl

by Chantal

Anybody's Girl, 2010, Chantal Powell

A new piece made especially for (Un)Veiled, an interactive, multi-arts exhibition which will inform and raise awareness of sex trafficking.

The concept of the piece is a simple one with the precarious nature of the glass-like, assembled, tower making reference to fragility, vulnerability, protection, and potential destruction. Passport photos have been used as the images inside the resin blocks because in a trafficking situation the removal of a girls passport is often the first stage of stripping away her identity and claiming control. The commercial “Do Not Touch” display sign references the way in which these girls are used as commodities in the sex trade. Finally, the title of the piece has the dual reference of the sexual insinuation of the phrase but also raises the point that this robbery could be happening to anybody’s child.

The (Un)Veiled exhibition will be held in Poole from the 15th -21st April 2010 (private view 14th April), location details to follow shortly on their website. Before the exhibition the piece will also be shown at the Love146 Europe launch in London on March 24th at St Peters in Veres Street.