launch, project planning, opportunities, ongoing work, and crossing fingers

by Chantal

Its been a little while without my usual twice a week child care days and I’ve been really missing proper studio time, having to cram work into evenings and the odd spare moments in the day as there is still lots going on. I have a full day booked in on Tuesday though which is great and things should be returning to normal post Easter hols. Here’s a brief update of things that have been happening in the past week:

Tea party launch for Love146 Europe

Love146 Europe Launch

Last week  it was the launch of  Europe Love 146 in London. They loaned some pieces from the (Un)Veiled project including my piece Anybody’s Girl to highlight the issues of child exploitation. The theme of the launch was built around a children’s tea party – life as it should be.

(Un)Veiled Meeting

Last night I met up with the other artists who are producing work for (Un)Veiled and got to properly meet Morna and Daisy who are running the project. We met in the shop unit that will be used for the exhibition – emphasising the commodity value placed on these children in the trade. The shop unit is based in the Dolphin Shopping Centre in Poole, and has been secured through the creative cabins scheme. We discussed the curation of the space and also made plans for a group installation in the back end of the shop which is separated from the sales area. Should be really good I think.

The Vaults, Birmingham

The Vaults

Another interesting opportunity that presented itself this week was the possibility to test run some of the works in the Ebony Tower collaborative project that Dean Melbourne and I are still working on. Dean visited the monthly ARC event in Birmingham this Wednesday and it appears there may be the opportunity to link up with a curator there and show a section of the project in the vaults space that the group utilises. ARC is a new monthly event offering regional curators the opportunity to present work. Each month, guest curators will be invited to select a programme of works to be exhibited at The VAULTS, in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. As we had originally thought about the Crypt gallery in London as a venue possibility this would be an ideal opportunity to see how the work fitted in this kind of non-typical white  cube space.

Ongoing Work

Aside from that I have been writing a proposal for a residency/commission opportunity at ArtSway and Stour Valley Arts, and continuing with work for my summer show.  Two pieces that have been going on for a while are the silk flowers suspended in a 5ft cage (I am about two thirds in I think with a couple of hundred flowers attached now) and the sculptural doilies piece  (again a couple of hundred vintage doilies sewn together with gold thread) which will eventually be suspended from the ceiling, lit to cast shadows, and viewable from above and below. I need more artificial flowers and old doilies so if you do have any of either you are happy to donate please email me – they will be very gratefully received!

work in progress

Oh and finally – still waiting on tender hooks for the Arts Council grant result!

Happy Easter everyone x