(Un)Veiled is unveiled

by Chantal

Judging by the touching remarks in the comments book (Un)Veiled has done a good job of achieving its goal to inform and raise awareness of sex trafficking. At last count (with another 3 days to go) over 200 visitors had been to the shop and explored the work. Here are some pics:

Pysanky Eggs by Michelle Cioccoloni

Shown above, Michelle’s “Pysanky Eggs” are beautiful and yet closer inspection reveals depictions of the repetitive and brutal nature of their “job”. Dipped in varnish to seal the design, following the Ukrainian tradition, the inside of the egg begins to decompose without smelling – a parallel to the girls maintaining their outward beauty in spite of their inner turmoil.

Below, Keep You At Arms Length, by Carinan Blijdenstein is a steel and wire piece embodying the figure of an eight year old child (the average age of  child prostitutes world wide). The 7 metal bands protect the 7 most vulnerable parts of the body while the protrusions serve to prod and provoke the viewer. The piece reflects the vulnerability of sex trade victims, their entrapment and resulting torture.

Keep You At Arms Length by Carinan Blijdenstein

In the back room of the shop visitors could crouch down and pull back a veil looking into a staged room of a sex trafficked victim. Props included a hand written letter to a parent and a mixture of childs belongings and sexual paraphernalia.