by Chantal

Siren, 2010. 5ft Steel birdcage, gold paint, artificial flowers

“Siren” presents a contortion of beauty that is seductive and yet claustrophobic in its excess. At first glance it may appear a thing of beauty but upon spending time with it the response it elicits is more an uncomfortable and oppressive one. This duality is indicative of the lure of ideals and dreams that appear desirable but in reality are contrived or deceptive and result in our repression and consummation.

Studio shot - work in progress

Detail from Siren

Its the first significant piece I’ve made that uses modern materials rather than objects that are already emotionally evocative. For that reason it felt like a braver step (the onus is all on me for it to evoke what I want it too) and I feel really proud with how its turned out. Its also been a piece I’ve wrestled with at the start (it went through a number of ideas and transformations) and came close to giving up. Had it not been for the money spent on the cage I probably would have lol! When the concept was working it still was very labour intensive and so its been on the go for nearly 6 months all in all. Good to get it done for the summer show!