Remnant in the Vaults

by Chantal

I tend to photograph the majority of my pieces with a white backdrop but for this piece the physical location was integral to the work itself so it was important to install and photograph it in the right kind of space. The piece very much interacts with the space it is hung in and this interaction gives it life and narrative. I was keen to try and install it in The Medieval Merchants House or one of the Southampton Vaults so sent round a couple of emails. Southampton Tourist Guides Association were kind enough to allow me access and permission to photograph the work in the Vaults. Guide Don Robertson was incredibly helpful and suggested a perfect vault in terms of light and aesthetic as well as providing some historical background information as we headed over there.

I was really pleased with the relationship of the piece to the site  and how it acquired a new strength and presence when hung there.

Remnant, 2010. Vintage doilies, gold thread (installed in Southampton Vaults). Click to enlarge.

Detail from Remnant