Pictures from Recollection exhibition in Lancashire

by Chantal

I recently showed 8 works in Chapel Gallery, Lancashire as part of their group show, “Recollection”. Gallery manager Ruth Owen has been great to work with and the team put on a really good show. I wasn’t able to get up to see the show unfortunately so today was the first day I got to see how the actual works had been displayed via some images that Ruth emailed me. I was particularly impressed with how they had displayed the love letters piece – Peggys letters could be read on one side and then you could walk round the other side to read Rons. It was also good to see the light box piece up as its the first time that has been shown anywhere.

Lacemakers Guild, Remaining, Things Left Unsaid, Still Life, Forever Young, and The Month of Ripe Berries (in cabinet). The Very Thought Of You (suspended)

Things Left Unsaid (installation view)

The Very Thought Of You (installation view)

Unnamed Aug69-Oct70 (installation view)