Interior Decorating

by Chantal

Not strictly an art post but the boys deserve a plug for their crazy Mongolian adventure. Bethany and I spent a couple of hours helping Craig and Matt customise their car for their upcoming adventure beginning next Saturday. Craig and Matt – Team Thundercamel are part of the annual Mongol Rally event which sees over 300 teams set off on a totally unsupported 10,000 mile adventure rally, in cars of no more than 1.2 litres, to Ulaan Baatar the capital of Mongolia. The rally is done in aid of charities and teams are expected to raise a minimum of £1,000 for their selected charity as well as donating their team vehicle to the local government should the team complete the rally.

You can check out the boys promotional video here and read more on their site. They have so far raised an impressive £1225 for Mercy Corps and their is still time to donate if you are inspired to.

Anyway here are a few pics of the corsa getting its two hour royal makeover – the car is papered, and re splendid with working chandelier. I can strongly recommend “Top Tac” – glue in a spray can (a miracle product I envisage using in many areas of my life from now on) for wallpapering the interior of your car should you ever feel the need.