Sleepless in Southampton

by Chantal

I go through patches of struggling with sleep and the last few days have been like that. After lying frustratingly awake till 4am on Monday night, when it looked to be another red eye night yesterday I thought I may as well go spend an hour in the studio and do something useful. I took advantage of the darkness to experiment with some stills projections for a collaborative project proposal with Dean Melbourne. The project we are currently putting the proposal together for is a commission for Conjunction 2010 festival, Stoke on Trent’s Arts Biennial organised by AirSpace Gallery.

Here are a few snippets from the proposal along with a couple of the test shots I took whilst I should have been sleeping.

“Life is composed of everyday moments that flow between life and death. Within these moments we can choose to transcend the mundane and escape into extraordinary beauty “

The installation will make particular use of the symbolism of windows as a means of personal reflection. The point at which we are able to look both inwards and outwards”

“The windows can be seen to represent moments or memories within life. This can include moments that are yet to come as well as a reflection of those past – our hopes and longings. An escape to our dreams as well as to our memories”

“Within the frames assembled materials such as gold leaf, mirror, and layers of coloured glass interact with the directional lighting and produce exaggerated light effects, reflections and new dimensions. Using found vintage slides with a 1950s slide projector still images will also be projected on or through some windows”

Found slide projected through reclaimed window

Found slide projected onto gold leafed reclaimed window