teepee tears, cheeky horses, competition results and nice words!

by Chantal

Wild West Horse, oil on found paper, (in progress)

Work wise I have been struggling with the realisation of an idea that in my mind has good potential. I’m not known for my patience, and despite many good intentions (that even included small scale modelling first!) I must confess there may have been some kicking and bad mouthing of materials around the studio. As my wise friend has counselled me – these things take and perseverance, and I know that in the past the work I have wrestled with most has tended to come through the strongest. So the teepee construction saga shall continue. Watch this space . . .

To offset the teepee frustration I’m painting carousel horses on wallpaper. It started just as a distraction activity but I think they might be relevant exhibited alongside the teepees.


This week I had the disappointing news that I didn’t get into ArtSway Open (a show I would love to be part of) but did get the good news that my work made it through the second round of judging for The National Art Open 2010 and will be showing at The Minerva Gallery in Chichester from 3oth October to 13th November.

I also saw this week that Salon Contemporary Gallery in London have written a very complimentary review of my solo show on their website and there is also one on the First Wednesdays website that they run in the “news” section. Very pleased!