Artists View at NOACC

by Chantal

Joint first prize winners last night were Jarik Jongman and Emma Haworth who split the £7000 Towry cash prize for best artist in show. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a fan of Jariks beautiful paintings that use found images as a departure point for their ethereal and seductive content. His winning work in the NOACC is “Phenomena” a painting that also won him a place in the Threadneedle exhibition.  Jarik is represented by WW Gallery where he currently has a solo show taking place. “Hello, Goodbye” is showing until 7th November and is accompanied by an exclusive limited edition of 25 prints of ‘El Olvido Que Seremos #3‘ at only £60 each.  Strongly recommend you make a visit if you are in London.

Phenomena, Jarik Jongman

The Towry 3rd prize went to Michael Porter (represented by Purdy Hicks Gallery in London) for Coastal Path – a poetic personal landscape that I liked very much.

The Piran Strange Young Artist award prize went to Rebecca Sangster (age 19), and the RK Harrison Prize for art photography went to Maria-Aurelia Rose.

Other prizes and full list of works can be viewed here. Including the piece I am showing – Someone To Watch Over Me.

image courtesy of Chiara Williams

image courtesy of Chiara Williams

I thought the three pieces chosen for the Towry prizes were excellent. Because of their scale and the finish to the works (Coastal Path in particular) they really are works better seen in the flesh – they are considerably more dramatic than screen images show. Something else that I found really encouraging is that they all had a strong sense of beauty. They were visually very seductive pieces. Is beauty back up there on the art agenda? I think it might be you know and that is good news.

Personal favourites for me, aside from the Towry prize winners, were a delicate little pencil drawing of moss by Sin Mui Chong-Martin, a pen on canvas drawing entitled Density by SoYoung Jung that I kept being drawn back to, and an intimate oil painting by Melanie Miller (do go look at her collection via this link – lovely work) entitled Thrush and Bee.

GreenSquatter7, Sin Mui Chong-Martin

Density, SoYoung Jung

Thrush and Bee, Melanie Miller