by Chantal

The Beach, 2010, Dean Melbourne

I was reading my friend’s blog today and loved the two paintings he has just posted on there that he was working yesterday and so wanted to share!

Dean Melbourne’s Blog – Perfume to Birdsong

Click the link above to read about The Diver which he has been working on for a while as part of a series entitled Epic Exploration, and  a small painting The Beach that he did yesterday. The Diver seemed to really find its way yesterday and I think is looking really great. The Beach was a spontaneous work which used a photographic image as a starting point but he really allowed his thoughts and the painting itself lead him away from that and into something that I feel is much more exciting. I find the result to be compelling and thought provoking and I really like the simplicity and rawness of the painting style.

Dean is an artist who is rarely content with where he is at with his work (this can be a good and a bad thing!). What it does mean is that he is always working on pushing his boundaries with his painting and exploring ways he can communicate the thoughts and feelings he experiences with such clarity. This I find admirable!

Have a look and share your thoughts – I know he is always keen to hear feedback.