by Chantal

I while ago I started painting carousel horses on wallpaper. I was thinking about that coming of age period where a girl is daydreaming of adventure and romance. Of lying in a childhood bedroom imagining shapes forming in the wallpaper. Of longing.

oil on wallpaper


I saw them possibly working in conjunction with my teepee project but that has been put on hold (partly due to a lack of space). Unfortunately I realised a little too late that the idea would work best on rolls of wallpaper hung the full length of a wall and left curling at the floor. By that point I’d already cut the sheets to fit vintage frames (my impatience does cause me problems!)


I don’t feel strong enough about them to redo them at the moment especially as I have some other works in progress that I really want to bring to completion. Instead I thought I’d blog them here to help me put them to one side for the time being(something else the completer-finisher in me finds hard to do!). They may well be revisited if the right context comes up.