Escape to Stockland Manor

by Chantal

Stockland Manor (photo, Jon Sanderson)

Edgar The Drunken Caretaker, Luella the Maid, & the butler Phipps (photo, Jon Sanderson)

This weekend myself and a group of 10 friends rented out a manor house in Bridgwater, Bristol. It was the most amazing building, perfect for building a fantasy of another time and another place. I love places that allow you be transported out of yourself and the inevitable mundane trivialities of day to day life, and take you somewhere extraordinary.

On the saturday evening I hosted a horror, escape from the Manor party courtesy of Playing With Murder. The game was played by candlelight, stumbling through the many rooms and staircases of the manor, and everyone was superb in character. Even the weather was perfect with the wind howling outside throughout the night.

Here are a few of the fantastic pics some of my friends took. The setting and the atmosphere was a real inspiration. I know Dean is excited to make paintings using some of the images he took and the house has left me thinking about the places we escape to in our minds.

The Great Hall (photo, Dean Melbourne)

photo, Dean Melbourne

The Baron and his sister with the staff, Dimitri the hunter, Desmond the woodcutter, and the two wandering gypsies (photo, Jon Sanderson)

Narrator with Edgar (photo, Craig Philbrick)

Dimitri loses it (photo, Craig Philbrick)

The undead rise (photo, Craig Philbrick)

photo, Dean Melbourne