The Thinker = The Poet = The Creator

by Chantal

Auguste Rodin, The Thinker, 1902. Bronze and marble

Today, as I have been working on a sculptural window piece with the theme of self reflection, I have been thinking about Rodins sculpture, The Thinker. I’m drawn to the connection it makes between self reflection, poetry and creation.

In Rodin’s words,

“The Thinker has a story. In the days long gone by I conceived the idea of the Gates of Hell. Before the door, seated on the rock, Dante thinking of the plan of the poem behind him… all the characters from the Divine Comedy. This project was not realized. Thin ascetic Dante in his straight robe separated from all the rest would have been without meaning. Guided by my first inspiration I conceived another thinker, a naked man, seated on a rock, his fist against his teeth, he dreams. The fertile thought slowly elaborates itself within his brain. He is no longer a dreamer, he is a creator”

For me self reflection is more than an awareness of the reality self, it also encompasses the fictions of our dreams and our unseen potential. It’s this combination of personal reality and unreality that leads us to be creators.

work in progress