Charity Auction – Jennie & Jessie Gunhammer Lupus Trust

by Chantal

I will be donating work to support the charity auction event on 4th May hosted by Debut Contemporary. The event is taking place to raise funds for Lupus Research via The St Thomas’ Lupus Trust.

Guests are invited to take part in the Charity Auction of ten artworks selected personally by the Auctioneer. The ticket entry of £100 will go towards a raffle for the remaining 40 artworks to be presented on the night to lucky ticket holders. All funds raised on the evening will help facilitate the first walk in clinic at the St Thomas’s Hospital, raise Lupus awareness and aid the discovery of a cure.

The piece I am donating is a  light box and slide piece titled Unnamed October 69 – August 70.  It seemed an apt piece to choose because its a piece reflecting on the importance of an individual’s life and questions what we value as a significantly lived life.

Unnamed October 69-August 70 (Chantal Powell, 2009, Recycled light box, found slides)

I found the box of slides discarded in a charity shop. They document one mans life over the course of roughly one year. They depict locations he visited in England and the only individuals shown in the slides are himself, his dog and his mother. The slides left me reflecting on this unknown individual and the judgements and assumptions our society would make about his life, his popularity, his life “success”  based upon the evidence depicted in these images.
At first glance I assumed the slides portrayed a lonely life and felt saddened that this box of images may be all that marked his fleeting passage in this life.
That however led me to reflect on how we assign value to our lives and why we have a tendency to equate simplicity with a lack of achievement. Is the fulfillment of a life determined by the quality of relationships we establish? By what we experience? The impact we have on others and the world around us?  To stop and think about these life questions seems relevant in light of the purpose of the auction.
Detail from “Unnamed October 69- August 70”

Charity Auction – Jennie & Jessie Gunhammer Lupus Trust

Weds 4th May 6pm-9pm

Debut Contemporary, 82 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London, W2 5RT

020 7221 1651