Alice Anderson at the Freud Museum

by Chantal

Alice Anderson (installation view at Riflemaker)

Now this is something I want to see – one of my favourite artists in one of dream exhibition locations!

Not only do I love Alice Anderson’s evocative hair installations but she has shown in some venues that have made me very envious as they would be top of my “would love to work with that space” list – The Riflemaker, The Royal Opera House and now The Freud Museum.

Her work strongly references childhood, stories, and the maternal, but its the way that her material and architecture are both so integral to the outcome of the piece that I find very exciting. While the material remains constant the work is transformed based on the the space it interacts with. There is a great bit of footage of her talking about her use of dolls hair as a material here.

House Bound, 2011. Alice Anderson (Freud Museum)

At the Freud Museum Anderson will be using Anna Freud’s loom as the starting point and turning the hair into rope, arranging it in lines and grids.