New Work – “Pilgrimage”

by Chantal

Pilgrimage, 2011. Antlers, religious jewellery. Chantal Powell.

This new work was made for the collaborative project, “The Fall Of The Majestic Elk” which I am currently working on with artist Dean Melbourne. 

The Fall Of The Majestic Elk, 2011. Oil on paper. Dean Melbourne.

This is a really exciting project in which we are creating our own narrative that will run through the exhibition. Think adventure, romance, a visual crossover between the the underground world of Phantom of the Opera and Conan Doyle’s The Lost World. A journey that is of mental or spiritual discovery as well as the physical passage through space.

Our plan is a loose, almost dream like narrative, where there is not a sequential plot but a coherent flow and repetition of imagery and themes. The aim is to create an experience that reflects a journey with encounters, in which Dean’s large scale paintings reflect “chapters” or “scenes”. The overlap between Dean’s paintings and my objects/installations will be quite direct with Dean literally painting in some of my objects into his scenes (or painting onto the objects themselves) and with me creating works from aspects of his paintings.
I am excited about the opportunity to create theatrical style installations to dress the gallery which immerse the viewer, as well as stand alone objects/sculptural works.