by Chantal

I was really pleased this evening to get an email from Blaise Niosi (creative business development advisor at Blaise & Co in New York) inviting me to host the remainder of July’s COLLABORATE online forum.

COLLABORATE is a place for emerging artists to discuss, have questions answered, interact and make contacts. It’s described on the website as :

an artists only online forum for emerging talent across the globe to use one another as a sounding board as they navigate their careers as professional artists.. . Hosted by a different art world influencer each month who will facilitate dialogue by posting discussion topics, images, articles or videos; and holding live chat sessions”. 

Now I don’t consider myself an “art world influencer” (yet – give me time!) but I am honoured to be invited onboard and looking forward to being part of the discussions! The host before myself was Judit Boznan a private art adviser and independent curator based in Rotterdam. She worked in the private client group of Sotherby’s for two years and shared some really interesting insights into the workings of auction houses when leading the forums discussions. I think with different art world professionals sharing insights like these, COLLABORATE will be an incredibly valuable (and yet free) resource to artists.

To join the forum artists simple email Blaise using the contact form on the site and you will be sent personal log in details to join the debates. So please come along and join in – I’d love some company on my shift!