Inspiring objects

by Chantal

Yesterday afternoon I went to see The Cult Of Beauty at the V&A museum. Its a great exploration of the aesthetic movement and judging my how incredibly busy it was on a Monday afternoon it has clearly been an incredibly popular exhibition. Unfortunately I don’t do so well with seeing a show when its packed full of people. I don’t like being being made to feel its time to shimmy onto the next artwork because I suddenly have 3 people looking over my shoulder physically hinting my time is up on this one.

What I enjoyed a lot more was wandering through the quieter sections of the V&A museum. The rooms I found particularly inspiring for my work at the moment were the Theatre and Performance archives and the Scared Silver rooms. The Sacred silver room had some incredible objects that have set my thoughts going towards pieces for the Majestic Elk project. Just have a look at some of these:

The Monstrance - used to display the sacred host. Made me think of Hew Locke's sculptures

Reliquary holding religious relics within each oval - bone splinters, fragments or cloth