Art Sellout!

by Chantal

Came across a heartwarming and ingenious art project online last night. Kyle McDonald, Jody Gnant and three other artists bought out the entire inventory of Hercules Fancy Grocery in New York that was on the verge of closing down. Watch the videos and see shop owner Hercules at first shocked and then teary eyed as the artists march into the store with a suitcase full of $20000 in cash (that they raised from credit card advances!) and ask to buy everything!

Each item was rung up by hand and then loaded up into a moving van parked outside. The van got 6 parking tickets in the six hours it took to wipe the store out. They have turned many of the items into art which you can buy online (including the parking tickets) and all profits from the sales go towards finding Hercules the store of his dreams (as at the end of this month his lease ends on his current property). As of last night I now own this from Hercules’ store:

My latest art acquisition - Stella ARTois . Liquid art from Store Buyout.

If you are feeling particularly flush you can buy the original purchase receipt from the buy out. Its more than 57 feet long and has over 3000 entries. It’s currently on sale on ebay (I believe today is the final bidding day!). The reserve price is the total amount it cost to buy out the store, which was around the $19000 mark, or you can Buy It Now for $1000000.