LA Flagstop

by Chantal

Some of my work has been enjoying a break in Los Angeles the past few days in the London Art Box  – a London ‘micro-gallery’ in which 13 of London’s most exciting and ambitious emerging artists have been invited to prepare a special exhibition for the landmark LA event, FLAG STOP”.

Three of the 13 artists, Nicola Anthony, Abigail Box and Kimi Wylde, flew over to help curate the work and to represent the group of Debut Contemporary artists. Here is a video snippet of Nicola introducing the London Art Box:

The 3 lovely ladies who made it over to LA to represent our group

The London Art Box not only showcased the artists’ work but provided an interactive, performative presence: staging impromptu discussions, creating dialogue about the 13 artists works, and the curation of them.

A performance event wandering by at FLAGSTOP

The Flagstop event has recieved mentions in LA Weekly, Art Weekly, LA Business News and a number of other art magazines in California but the news that is particularly exciting is that we have now been invited to exhibit at  OCCCA museum in Orange County this December. This will be my first museum exhibition so very excited about that.