VENICE DIARIES PART 3 – More from the Giardini (Japan, Britain, & France)

by Chantal


enjoying being immersed in teleco-soup

enjoying being immersed in teleco-soup

I surprised myself by thoroughly enjoying the Japenese pavilion which on paper I didn’t expect to be my thing. Titled “teleco-soup”, young artist Tabaimo represents her country with an immersive multimedia environment created by projecting a multi channel animation onto the curved walls, floors and mirror panels that make up the space. In the centre of the space a well has been created. The work explores the country’s identity as an island state with the idea of “the inversion of relationships between water and sky, fluid and container, self and world”. To be honest my enjoyment of the work was at a much more simple level. I felt like Alice in Wonderland stepping into the pitch blackness and then finding a strange world forming around me and coming into light. Flowers blossoming beneath feet, walking up walls into animations, water, sky, fluidity, uncertainty. All great stuff.


Mike Nelson for the British Pavillion

I have to confess this was the installation I was most longing to see. Whilst it was wonderfully executed – you are most certainly transported to a grimy fictional reality of a forgotten place – it didn’t turn my mind over in interesting ways in the same way that the world of the Swiss Pavillion did and I was actually left a little disappointed. Not to say its not a great piece of art though! Here’s a bit of a walk through:


Christian Boltanski - Chance

I thought Christian Boltanski’s “Chance” was excellent. I heard quite a bit of criticism about it before coming and maybe thats because its based on such simple themes but I thought it was wonderfully executed. Both visually impacting and reflective.
“A long strip of photographs of newborns run through the space at high speed. Sometimes a doorbell rings and the strip, moved by the random will of a computer, stops at one of the babies. Then the baby’s face appears on a monitor. One child is chose by chance, for better or worse. His life is still just a blank page.”

clock counts up the worlds population in a side room