VENICE DIARIES PART 6 – a moment on a jetty

by Chantal

tired but happy after 6 hours of art viewing

When I finished at the Fortuny my plan was to dash to the Portugal Pavilion which was supposedly in a palazzo just a few Venice lanes away. The first narrow lane I tried took me up to a deserted jetty over looking the grand canal and it was just too tempting to leave. I sat on the wooden deck, took my sandals off and hung my aching feet over the water. I got out my bottle of water, stolen breakfast biscuits and my notebook and took 20 gorgeous minutes to breath in one of the best views in the world.

I may not make it to the Portugal Pavillion now but wouldn’t trade this moment. It’s true what they say about Venice being all about the unexpected moments it gifts you. For a serial planner like me that has meant quite a change in attitude to embrace and trust the unexpected but I haven’t been let down yet.