Tom Dale – Memorial Drag Strip

by Chantal

Tom Dale - Memorial Drag Strip - at Poppy Sebire

Today is the last day of the Tom Dale exhibition at the rather fabulous Poppy Sebire gallery in Southwark. I went to visit last Wednesday as I’d really liked the last piece of work I saw by Tom Dale,  icave, that featured as part of a Dawnbreakers at John Hansard Gallery in Southamapton.

icave by Tom Dale, 2010. Image courtesy of Poppy Sebire

The current exhibition, titled Memorial Drag Strip, presents monumentous stunt ramps that are at once heroic leaps of faith and yet at the same time inevitably futile. The ramps twist at impossible angles or shoot triumphantly but fatally into the roof. Tom Dale explores the fascination with “DareDevil” antics  – the heroism, disbelief, and directionless excess. How we champion success but can all too quickly turn to taunt failure. Dale makes links with nationalistic and political ideologies embedded in the symbol of the ramp as a projection of belief.

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