VENICE DIARIES PART 9 – travelling alone & eating ice cream

by Chantal

I thought that making this trip alone I would really miss out on the feeling of getting to share wonderful moments with another person. Instead I feel that it has enabled me to experience them more deeply myself. I have loved travelling on my own – its a very different kind of experience. With no familiar faces there is nothing to break the spell of being in a different world and you can immerse yourself more completely. I have felt completely and utterly myself and enjoyed relying on and being responsible only for myself. The lack of conversation has left me more reflective and open to listening, seeing and feeling.

I write this in the early evening sitting outside a bar drinking a glass of Rose looking out over a beautiful piazza. People wander by and there is the beautiful sound of Italian conversation. Church bells ring out on the hour.

Things I Have Come To Love:

– riding the vaporetto

– following a map

– getting lost

– filling my water bottle up with cold water from the lion drinking fountains

– stopping regularly to write down my thoughts and breathe in the surroundings. Pausing is good!

– looking up

– smiling at people just because you are happy and having them smile back

oh and Italian ice cream is AMAZING

I just love that this was a "small" serving. (Meringue and Cherry Cream flavours)