The Fall Of The Majestic Elk – ITS COMING

by Chantal

Tomorrow marks the one month count down to the first showing of The Fall Of The Majestic Elk. Painter Dean Melbourne and myself have been working on this exciting collaborative project for the past 7 or 8 months and are looking forward to presenting the “dress rehearsal” show at Wolverhampton Art Gallery from 19th November to 17th December 2011.

The Story

The Fall Of The Majestic Elk is a seductive narrative of imagined characters, objects and places depicted through paint, objects and installation.
Driven by a shared fascination of beauty, drama and emotion Dean and myself have projected a story that is new but that has echoes of great adventure novels and epic poetry that have inspired us. Look closely and you will find the vivid orchids and swarthy tree trunks of The Lost World, or sense the murmuring waters of Paradise Lost.

The Fall Of The Majestic Elk is about a journey, about transition. It has the explorer pass through chapters of light and shadow, to consider the role of faith and fate, to dream and to discover.

Works by Chantal Powell & Dean Melbourne

Works by Chantal Powell & Dean Melbourne

The Team

Dean and I are delighted to officially welcome a third member to our team, talented writer and curator Anneka French. Anneka will be curating the project and we are very excited about the perspective she is bringing to The Fall Of The Majestic Elk. You can read some of her art reviews here.

As the project grows in terms of ambition and funding we are excited to bring on board more creative professionals with diverse skills. In the near future we are delighted at the prospect of also working with photographer Martin Pickard and successful freelance writer John Cullen. Martin, as well as being an incredible photographer, also works as a theatre technician for the Birmingham Hippodrome so we intend to pick his brains for the theatrical elements that are key to our show as well.

Dean Melbourne

The Journey
The “Dress Rehearsal” at Wolverhampton Art Gallery marks just the start of The Fall of The Majestic Elk journey. We will be touring galleries and alternative art venues delivering full performances of the show during 2012. Follow the journey at The Fall Of The Majestic Elk website.

If your gallery or art space would be interesting in hosting this unique collaborative exhibition please contact myself at for further information.