Coffee and Planning in Birmingham

by Chantal

meeting with artist Dean Melbourne and curator Anneka French

With just over three weeks to go till the first showing of The Fall Of The Majestic Elk it was great to get to travel up to Birmingham for a couple of days to meet with Dean and Anneka to properly sit down together and really work through some of the logistics.

I’m based in Southampton so most of the time we communicate our thoughts via phone or a 3 way project blog we have set up on Posterous specifically for sharing ideas, images and work progress on the show. Its very useful in terms of being able to scroll back and see how things have developed over the months or revisit ideas we may have forgotten about but nothing beats the opportunity to sit down all together with lots of coffee and really work through stuff together.


It was fantastic having a curator on board to help with the selection and placement of works and I’m really excited about the future exhibitions and ideas she has to grow the Majestic Elk in alternative spaces. By the time we finished we had a good idea of how this show would be curated, a good long list of things we need to work on in the next 3 weeks and we even managed to fit in shopping for the fabric we will be using to dress some of the space.